7 Quick Tips To Make Your Next Move Easier

Moving an entire house full of stuff is a big project and a lot of physical work. To make your family's next move a lot easier, follow these seven quick tips:

Quick Tip #1: Skip the Large Moving Boxes

When you go out and collect boxes for your move, skip the ones that are very large. Large boxes are bulky and can easily become too heavy to carry.

Quick Tip #2: Skip the Messy Packing Peanuts

Though styrofoam packing peanuts are nice for protecting your breakables, they will make a mess all over your new home. Instead of using packing peanuts, opt for either bubble wrap or wrap your breakables in towels and other linens.

Quick Tip #3: Use Cottonballs to Cushion Small Objects

To keep your cosmetics from breaking and your jewelry from tangling in your jewelry box, pack them with cotton balls. Cotton balls are cheap and will keep everything safely in place during transit.

Quick Tip #4: Wrap Drawers in Plastic Wrap

If you need to remove the drawers from your heavy furniture pieces to make them easier to move, wrap them with an inexpensive plastic wrap to keep everything in place. You can purchase a massive roll of plastic wrap at Cosco or other big box stores and quickly wrap all of your drawers. Wrapping keeps everything clean and the plastic is easy to remove.

Quick Tip #5: Skip the Wardrobe Boxes

Rather than buying expensive wardrobe boxes to move your clothing, simply use large lawn and leaf bags. Put your clothing in a grouping on the rail in your closet and pull a bag up over them from below. Tie the bag at the top and leave the ends of the clothes hangers sticking out of the top.

Quick Tip #6: Color Code Your Boxes for Easy Unloading

Since all of your moving boxes will look the same once you arrive in your new home, color code them by room. Use inexpensive colored markers to mark each box by room.

Quick Tip #7: Use Ziplock Bags to Hold Small Hardware Items

Finally, if you will be disassembling furniture pieces prior to moving them, then place their hardware in plastic zip lock bags. Tape the bag to a piece of the furniture so you can easily find them when it is time to reassemble. This will keep you from misplacing the screws to your bed frame or favorite coffee table.

To learn more, contact a moving company near you.