Moving? Spare Your Friends And Hire Professional Movers

Anytime you move your household, you are going to be under some stress. Trying to coordinate the move, arranging for utility services in the new place and shut-offs in the old, and getting children situated in new schools can be frustrating. Once the move date gets closer, you will probably begin sorting through and possibly packing your belongings. Now you will start to plan how to move things to the new house and will start calling friends with trucks. However, if you want to make the whole experience less stressful, you should probably start calling professional home movers instead. While this may seem like an expense you want to avoid, here are a few reasons this is not so.


If you have a bunch of friends with trucks, you are going to have to pay for the gas. If you rent a moving truck, there will be rental fees and mileage fees, and you still have to pay for the gas. When figuring gas costs, be sure to consider that it will probably take you more than one trip to get everything. When you hire movers, the truck comes with them. Sure, you will be paying more cash upfront for the moving company to do the work, but before you do the numbers, be sure to take all the costs associated with the truck from the movers' quote.


You will want to be there when the movers come to pick your things up and at the new place when they drop them off. Unless you manage to coordinate everything for a weekend move, you are most likely going to miss work. This means you won't be paid for the time you are moving unless you use vacation time. However, professional movers can move your entire home in less than a day – unless you have a huge house with a lot of stuff in it. If you and your friends were to do the move, it would probably take at least the whole day, most likely two, and possibly three days until the old house is cleared out. Then you will be tired and want to take another day off just to rest and relax.


If anything is broken during the move you and your friends are doing, you will have to pay to repair or replace it. However, when something is broken by professional movers, they have insurance to cover it.

Do not think that you will save a lot of money by doing a move yourself. While you may save some, it is not going to be as much as you had planned. Instead of wearing yourself out, have professionals do the move for you. You and your friends can start unpacking and arranging everything in the new place while having a bit of a party.