Moving In The Summer: Four Helpful Tips

Summer can be the perfect time to move to a new home. You can get everything settled without having to deal with snow and ice, and you can enjoy the warm weather in your new neighborhood. If you have children, they get the added benefit of switching schools while on break, so they can start their new school on the first day for all students. If you are moving during the summer, however, there are a few preparations you'll want to make so you can stay comfortable during the move:

Get The AC In Working Condition

Be sure that the air conditioning is working in your current home, as this will help you and your movers stay cool during the first leg of your move. It's also a good idea to head to your new house the morning of the move and power on the air conditioner so the home is cool when the movers arrive. You may also want to make sure that the refrigerator is working so you can keep cold beverages stored away for when you need them.

Move Heat-Sensitive Items Last

As you pack, take note of any items you have that may be sensitive to heat. These items might include a vinyl record collection, antiques, or other items that might become damaged in extreme heat. Label each box clearly, and place them in a separate section in your home. Attach a note to the stack of boxes that indicates they should be moved last. They will be the last items on the moving truck and the first ones off, so they won't spend as much time in the heat.

Schedule Your Move Early

If you can, work with your movers to begin loading the moving truck first thing in the morning. The later in the day you begin moving, the hotter it may be. Moving in the morning lets you take advantage of cooler temperatures, plus it also gives you extra time later in the day to begin unpacking and getting settled in your home. If an early morning move isn't possible, ask the movers about starting in the evening when the weather cools off again.

Create Cooling Packs

Staying cool and hydrated is important, so consider making personalized cooling packs for everyone who will be helping you, including your children. Use plastic freezer storage bags, and place water bottles in each one. Purchase ice packs, the type you might find in a first aid kit and place them in the bags as well. For children, consider adding a few frozen ice pops as well. Place the bags in the freezer overnight, and pass them out during the move. The frozen water in the bottles will thaw, leaving everyone with cold, refreshing water, and the ice packs can be used to regulate body temperature if it gets too hot outside.

Have a plan for moving day, and use these tips to help keep everyone cool and ready to get settled in your new home. Contact local moving services for more information and assistance.