Talking Tech: Four Ways To Use Technology To Help With Your Move

Your moving company will help you to do all of the heavy lifting, but there is still plenty you can do to get ready for your move. One way to make your move go a little easier is to take advantage of a few tech gadgets. Here's a look at how you can make your move a bit more high-tech.

Smart Trackers

It can be easy to accidentally pack essential items, such as your car keys, in a box as you are getting ready for a move. With smart trackers, you can keep track of these items even if they get misplaced as you prep for your move. These small devices use GPS technology, giving you a way to tag items you don't want to lose and locate them on your smartphone.

Home Design Apps

Are you unsure about how you want to arrange your furniture in your new home? With home design apps, you can play with seating arrangements, match paint colors, and create a virtual copy of your new home, so you can perfectly plan out how it will look before you start unpacking.

Wireless Phone Charging Docks

Wireless phone charging docks make it easy to give your smartphones the charge needed to get through moving day. Charging docks that keep your phone in an upright position also gives you a convenient way to listen to transform your phone into a portable stereo so you can listen to music as you pack. You can enjoy your favorite music without draining the device's battery life.

Moving Apps

A whole host of smartphone apps are available to help make your move go smoothly. You can find apps that help you to create labels with QR codes for your moving boxes, which help you to keep track of all your items, or you can even find apps from moving services companies that let you book the services you need for your move. Community yard sale apps help you to get rid of unwanted items before your move, and online shopping apps give you a convenient way to order packing and moving supplies.

Take your move high-tech with these ideas, and look for other ways you can incorporate technology into your move. You may just find that your smartphone is your new best friend for moving, and you don't even have to buy it a pizza as part of the deal.