How To Pack Common Electronic Items

When the time comes to pack up your possessions and move to a new home, some things--like clothing and linens--are easy to pack. Others, like your electronics, may have you throwing your hands up in frustration before you even get them into boxes! The truth is, electronics are not as tough to pack as you might assume, but each common electronic item does require its own approach. Here are some tips for packing up the most common electronics you might have.

Computer Towers and Screens

If you still have a desktop computer with a separate tower and screen, you have to be careful not to break either component in transit. The first step, of course, should be to back up all of your files. This way, if there is an unfortunate accident, you won't lose important documents and photos. There are many cloud storage options you can use to store your files remotely, but you may also want to just store them in a flashdrive or some CDs. 

Once your files are backed up, disconnect all cables from your computer and wind them up neatly. Secure each cable with a twist tie. Wrap the computer tower in some bubble wrap or perhaps even a thick blanket if you have one on hand. Then, put inside a box into which it fits snugly. Do the same with the monitor. You don't want to use a box with too much space inside, as this will allow the computer to move around and potentially crack. Tape the boxes shut, label them, and you're good to go. 

Large Televisions

It seems as though televisions have grown larger and larger. The new, large ones are tough to pack, especially if you do not have the box they came in. A good alternative is to visit an electronics store and see if they have any spare boxes. You don't necessarily need one from the same make or model -- as long as it's from the same size. If they have the foam protectors that come with the box, that's even better. You can put the foam around the TV, slide it into the box, and know it will be safe in transit.

If you cannot find foam protectors for your TV, fill the box with packing peanuts once the TV is inside. You'll have a mess to clean up when you arrive at your new home, but at least the mess will be peanuts and not broken TV screen glass!

Stereo Systems

Stereo systems can be tough to pack simply because there are so many components! Your best bet is to find a lot of small boxes so you can put each speaker and the main stereo in its own box. This way, the items won't bump into each other while in the moving truck. Wrap each component in ink-free tissue paper, or perhaps in a towel, before putting it in the box. Do not use packing peanuts; if small particles get caught in the speakers, they are really tough to get out.

Wind up each cable associated with your stereo system separately, and label them. This way, you'll have an easier time putting everything back together in your new home. Make sure you reinforced each box with plenty of packing tape. Heavy speakers have a bad habit of falling through the bottoms of boxes, otherwise!

If packing your electronics seems too time-consuming, consider hiring a moving company to do this for you. Experienced movers know exactly how to ensure each item is secure and protected from threats like accidental drops, changes in temperature, and bumps in the road.