Planning A Long-Distance Move? 2 Things You Need To Consider

A long-distance move takes much more planning than moving across town. If you do not plan properly you will likely have problems when you get to your new home. To prevent this from happening, below are two things you need to consider before moving day.

Hiring the Moving Company

The most important decision you can make about your move is the moving company that you hire. You want to vet the company that you choose to ensure it will work well for you. This is because the company oversees items that are important to you.

Ask the moving company what services they provide to their customers. You may want a moving company that will pack your items for you and then load these items onto the moving truck. They will have boxes that are the right size and weight, as well as the right wrapping and packing materials.

When the movers get to your new home, they can unload the boxes and unpack them for you. This is especially helpful for heavy items, such as furniture, a grandfather clock, piano, etc. The company can put boxes in the right rooms, so they can easily be unpacked later.

Contact the moving company and ask them what services they offer, as well as if they have to be notified by a certain amount of time to move your things. Ask the moving company if your items are insured in case there is an accident.

Marking the Boxes

The last thing you want to have happen is to have a lot of boxes around you and have no idea what is in each box. To help with this, make a note with a permanent marker what is in each box. If you have children, ask them to put their name on their boxes. This also allows the moving company to know where to place the boxes when they arrive at your home.

If you have items that need to stay a certain way put an arrow on the box. For example, if you have a lot of glassware you may not want the box laid on its side but instead to stay up. If there is an arrow on the box, the moving company will know to do this.

Color coding also works well. For example, purchase tape in a variety of colors. Kitchen items could be orange and living room items may be red. Use a color for items that go in the bathroom, as well as a different color for each child.

Talk with the moving company, such as Summit Moving & Storage Company, for more tips.