3 Seasonal Things That Can Be Damaging To The Outside Of Your RV

You worked hard to get that RV of yours so you could take trips on a whim and see the world, so protecting that vehicle should be one of the most important things on your mind. When it comes time to stow your RV away for a while, you may be tempted to park it in the yard and not worry about it. However, it is a much better idea to look for a local covered RV storage facility. The truth is, there are parts of every season that can be hard on the outside of your RV, so it should be rightly protected. 

Bird Droppings in the Spring 

When spring rolls around, all of nature starts to come back to life, and that means the birds are coming back out in abundance to rear their young. When the trees start filling with birds, their nests, and their young, you definitely do not want your RV parked anywhere near these trees. Bird droppings can be very hard on the exterior of your RV. The droppings can harden to the top of the RV and the components in the waste can be acidic enough to break down the protective clear coat and paint. 

Ice in the Winter 

In the winter when the temperatures fall, ice and snow become a natural part of the environment in most places. You may think that ice and snow are just water and water can't really do any harm to your RV, but really it can. If ice and snow stay stacked up on the RV for long periods, it can be hard on the elements of the roof, such as the HVAC system or any solar panels you may have in place. Plus, heavy ice and snow on top of the RV could cause damage to the paint over time. 

Falling Leaves in the Fall 

When the leaves start to fall, it is normal for some of them to collect on the large surface on the top of your RV. While dry leaves will simply blow off with the wind, if these leaves are damp or covered in tree sap, they will stick in place and generate the potential for damage. The leaves can have compounds in them that are hard on your RV's paint, and tree sap can harden to a point that it is almost like glue. Therefore, it is a much better idea if leaves are not allowed to collect on the roof because your RV is in storage.