Mistakes To Avoid When Organizing Storage Units

It's easy to let a storage unit become messy and disorganized, but it is very possible to prevent it from becoming so. But you will need to be vigilant and aware if you want it to remain a nice, organized space. You can learn from the mistakes of others instead of making those mistakes yourself. Here are the key mistakes others make that lead to their storage units getting so disorganized and messy., and how you can avoid them when filling your storage unit.

Mistake #1: Not labeling boxes.

If the boxes going into storage are not labeled, then you will have to rifle through several of them in order to find one or two items that you need. Then, in your rush, you may leave boxes half-empty and items scattered about. If you label your boxes clearly and detail the contents inside, then you will only have to open the box holding the item you need, and your unit will stay tidier.

Mistake #2: Putting often-needed items in the back or on the bottom.

Some people, when packing their storage unit, stack boxes in basically any order. This may cause them to have to unstack a number of boxes later on when they need something. Then, it's just so tempting to leave the boxes unstacked and scattered! If you put the items you need less often in the back and those you need more often in the front, you won't have to move things around and unstack so many boxes.

Mistake #3: Not leaving a walkway.

Another common mistake is stacking boxes in a solid line from the back to the front of the unit. Then, you'll need to reach over and move a lot of things to get at anything in the back. If you instead leave a walkway through the boxes, you can reach everything without having to move boxes aside.

Mistake #4: Getting too many people involved in the move.

Getting too many people involved in moving items into your storage unit could also lead to a mess later on. With too many people making decisions and trying to call the shots, you'll have a tough time maintaining a consistent labeling and box stacking scheme. Have one or two trusted, responsible people to help you.

Storage units do not have to be disorganized piles of items. If you don't make the mistakes above, then yours should stay nice and tidy.